UK Frameless Glass Window Suppliers

There is no doubt that frameless glass windows are fast becoming a favourite architectural medium for interior spaces where designers want a modern look with plenty of light. However, whether frameless glass is used in an industrial, commercial, or residential setting, the glazing applied to the glass largely determines its performance in a number of ways. The following companies supply frameless glass windows to the construction, architectural and design industries with a variety of glazing for the best performance:

Glass Solutions

Glass Solutions is one of the older providers of class products in the UK. As part of the Saint-Gobain group, Glass Solutions is also one of the largest players in the glass processing and glazing supply chain as a processor, distributor, installer, and glazier. The company's UK roots go back some 150 years.

Frameless glass windows are just one of the products offered by Glass Solutions. Their windows can be custom cut to meet nearly any specification, including implementation in a relocatable glass partition design. The company offers a number of fire rated glazing solutions with ratings ranging from E30 to E120.

Glass Solutions prides itself on a very active product development division constantly striving to create new structural glass products that enable architects, designers, and builders to rethink how glass is used. It believes their company will continue to be innovative and influential player in the glass supply chain.

The Electric Glass People

The Electric Class People are suppliers and installers of glass windows and partitions for both commercial and residential buildings. What makes them different is their use of the latest technology allowing their glass panels to provide complete privacy without the need for external drapes or blinds. In a deactivated state, electric glass is naturally opaque. However, by activating it with a minute electrical current, it becomes completely clear.

All frameless glass windows and partitions from The Electric Glass People are bespoke pieces custom manufactured specifically for the individual application it is meant for. The company provides fire rated glazing for those customers desiring the added protection. A number of other glazing is also available.

Healthcare, retail, security, and hospitality are just a few of the sectors benefiting from glass products from The Electric Glass People. It delivers and installs frameless glass windows and partitions throughout the UK and Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in London.

IQ Glass

The design and implementation of modern glass features is what IQ Glass is all about. IQ works directly with building owners, architects, designers, and builders to create incredible spaces using glass rather than framed internal structures. Their products include everything from frameless glass windows to glass canopies to beautiful glass floors.

Like all of their products, IQs frameless glass windows can be designed using fire rated glass for the protection of people and property. Fire rated products are popular in commercial applications such as office buildings and shopping centres. IQs glass experts work with individual clients to determine what is best in any given situation.

In addition to designing class features, IQ Glass also handles ordering and supervises installation on-site. It aims to be the only company clients need to deal with when it comes to structural glass installations. The company's offices are located in Buckinghamshire.

Office Blinds & Glazing

First established in 1991, Office Blinds & Glazing (OBG) is a Rochdale company specialising in the processing and installation of single and double-glazed glass windows, doors, and partitions. OBG is also a glazing specialist providing glazing services to other glass companies throughout the UK. It is ISO accredited and a member of the Association of Interior Specialists.

The company's Rochdale factory is where most of their products originate from, including their frameless glass windows. Each piece is custom designed to the clients’ exact specifications, for installation in office buildings, corporate environments, medical buildings, and even residential homes.

At the heart of OBG is a commitment to customer service. The company's 28 full-time staff are united in their belief that knowing and understanding the needs of each client is the key to their success. OBG services clients primarily in London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds, but it has also undertaken projects throughout the UK, Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

Nash Glass

Midlands-based Nash Glass is a supplier and installer of structural and decorative glass products, originally established in 1982. It considers itself specialists in glazing for commercial partition applications, but the company is just as comfortable working with homeowners for residential glass applications. It can supply, deliver and install, or supply only.

As a provider of fire rated glazing, Nash Glass works directly with the partitioning industry to provide frameless glass windows and partition panels with a full range of fire ratings. The company stresses that fire rated glass must be installed according to manufacturer instructions, down to the very last detail, to provide maximum protection.

Nash Glass offers a number of additional services and products including glass bevelling and polishing, mirrors of all shapes and sizes, safety glass products and aluminium frame systems. It can complete your commercial or residential project with a full line of high-quality blinds.

Saralan Glass Design

Frameless glass and glazing for commercial applications is what Saralan Glass Design specialises in. The company's management team has extensive experience in designing, supplying and installing decorative and structural glass on every scale. Their work is seen throughout the UK in retail, office, and industrial settings.

Saralan works with main contractors to create and implement bespoke structural glass features that include everything from facades to glass walkways. It can create and install any frameless glass product including windows, doors, and partitions. In other words, if you can imagine it in glass, Saralan can make it happen.

Glass Space

Glass Space is the residential arm of Saralan Glass Design. It is company specialising in decorative and structural glass solutions for residential homes throughout the UK. It provides a full range of products including frameless glass windows, complete glass entrances, pool houses, glass conservatories, walkways, canopies and bespoke glass products.

From concept stage to installation, Glass Space works directly with each client to ensure exact specifications are met. It offers a variety of glazing options including fire rated glazing. Their projects add both beauty and value to every home it works in. In addition, structural glass applications can add additional living space at a minimum cost and hassle.

Glass Space is Building Confidence accredited and a certified Sky Frame installation specialist. The company is committed to providing customers with the best glass products, installation, and customer service possible.

Cambs Glass

For full range of commercial and domestic glazing and installation services, companies all over the UK choose Cambs Glass. This company works from a single location in the greater Newmarket area, providing service to independent contractors, small builders, large building companies, national contractors, architects, commercial developers, and retail property managers.

The list of products and services provided by Cambs Glass it too extensive to catalogue here, but among their vast product list are frameless glass windows of all sizes. The company can cut and process window panels for both standard size and bespoke applications. Fire rated glazing is also available for all of their products.

Cambs Glass is accredited by a number of organisations, including CHAS, GGF, and Contractor Plus. It is also ISO 140001 certified and Safecontractor approved.

English Architectural Glazing

Among the biggest names in UK glazing is a company known as English Architectural Glazing (EAG). This Suffolk-based company works with contractors to complete domestic and residential projects with budgets ranging between £500,000 and £10 million. One of their most recent projects included providing all of the envelope glazing for London's Watney Market development.

The range of EAG's products is extensive and includes everything from frameless glass windows to glass roofing. It prefers to work through main contractors when appropriate, but the company also works directly with architects and building owners as well. EAG is involved extensively with the residential, healthcare, retail and commercial sectors.

English Architectural Glazing was established in 1983 to provide innovative envelope cladding systems for domestic buildings. The company has since grown and expanded significantly. EAG is CHAS and Achilles accredited, and a member of the Centre for Window Cladding and Technology.

Chipping Norton Glass

As a family-owned business spanning multiple generations, Chipping Norton Glass is proud of more than 40 years of service to customers in central England. The company offers a variety of glass products, including architectural glass that makes use of frameless structures to provide beauty and style in any setting.

The company's workforce consists of skilled tradesmen who routinely pass their knowledge and experience on to younger workers joining the company. In so doing, Chipping Norton maintains company integrity by always maintaining a workforce of knowledgeable and skilled glaziers it has personally trained. Their glaziers are CSCS certified for work on commercial sites.

Whether a customer needs a single pane of glass or a complete glass structure, Chipping Norton Glass can make it happen. The company offers service for every phase of the design and installation process, both domestically and commercially.


When Tony Culmer started Culmax more than 25 years ago, he already had experience working for a building contractor and a metalwork company. He decided to start his own company that would 'push the boundaries with glass' by integrating his knowledge of design with builder requirements and specialist knowledge. The growth of Culmax is testament to Culmer's dedication and perseverance.

Culmax is a supplier and installer of bespoke glass solutions that include frameless glass windows, doors, walkways, walls, and complete glass structures. Their speciality is one off designs inspired by customer ideas that may seem to impossible to achieve. The company works with architects and builders to make sure those ideas come to life.

Culmax is based in London, where most of their work can be seen. It has been involved in a number of exciting projects in Wimbledon, Richmond, Parliament Hill, and Barnes.

Evolution Glass

Where some companies offer fire rated glass as just one of many services provided, Evolution Glass specialises in fire rated products. It supplies and installs fire rated glass solutions offering protection against flame and heat for up to 60 minutes. All fire rated glass products are independently tested and certified according to European standards.

Evolution was established in 2005 by two partners with 17 years’ experience in the structural glass industry. It is now considered one of the most reputable names in the UK. The company is divided into five teams of experienced installers and designers more than capable of handling any project of any size.

Evolution Glass provides frameless glass windows, partitions, and other products for both commercial and domestic structures. It serves all of the UK from their main headquarters in Sussex.

Oculas Glass

London-based Oculas glass is a supplier, processor, and installer of a full range of glass products. One of the most notable projects was the construction of the world's largest champagne bar at the St Pancras railway station in London. Oculas prides itself on taking the hassle out of acquiring glass products and structures for home and office.

The company's long list of products and services includes frameless glass processing and installation. Oculas can provide panels of any size and shape for use as windows, partitions or complete glass walls. Their fire rated glass meets all requirements for impact safety, framing, and integrity.

Trinity Glazing

Scotland is the home of Trinity Glazing, a specialist glazing company serving commercial and domestic customers in Edinburgh and Lothian. It is one of Edinburgh leading suppliers of glazing, secondary glazing, and glazing repair. The company also offers complete processing and glass maintenance services.

Trinity Glass supplies and installs all types of glass, including fire rated frameless glass windows and partitions.  It is involved extensively in Edinburg's retail sector to provide facades and storefronts for retail locations. Trinity is a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) as well as Trust Mark and CITB certified.

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