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The frameless glass window offers the opportunity for you to enhance commercial or residential space with a product that is both functional and very much in line with modern styles. Frameless glass windows work just as well at home as they do in the modern office building, and these can be part of a new build or a remodelling project. However, there are different kinds of frameless glass windows from which to choose.

In order to help understand the topic a little bit better, we have included some information below about the different kinds of windows, the materials these are made with, and some of the best-known brands available in Europe. With the right choice in windows, your new build or renovation project will be made complete.

Different Window Styles

There is quite a bit of variety among window styles, even among frameless models. First, let us discuss what a frameless window is. A frameless window is built of structural glass that is tempered in order to give it the strength to withstand normal use without the need of an external frame. Any external pieces around the outside of the window are merely to hold it in place within the framework of a wall. Nevertheless, you could just as easily suspend it on a track or rail without fear of damage.

Here are the most used styles frameless glass windows:


The casement window is fixed in place without the need for opening and closing. As part of a frameless glass wall system, it is easily disassembled and moved to another location if modularity is desired.


Just like in-line doors, in-line windows are mounted with a track below and beneath. These slide open to allow in the fresh air and warm breezes.


Frameless glass windows can be installed as pivoting units with a pivot point in the lower track. The pivoting point allows them to be opened by swinging the window out as the pin slides toward the centre of the track. A pivoting window is a very stylish option for high-end applications.


Telescoping frameless glass windows are extremely popular right now because of their dynamic look. These windows are built on successive tracks, which allow you to open up as many as you want within the system. Open just one or two, or open every window on a single wall.

Construction Materials

In order to be structurally safe, frameless glass windows must be manufactured to exact specifications. This includes any of the accompanying materials that go with them. Furthermore, the nature of frameless glass lends itself very well to a minimalist style. You will not find a lot of wood or other visually heavy materials in play here.

Below are the most common materials used in frameless glass window systems:


The fact that aluminium is lightweight, easy to fabricate, and completely recyclable makes it one of the favourite materials for frameless glass windows. Rails, tracks, and fixtures are often made of finished aluminium that can be brushed, etched, or painted.


There are times when stainless steel is a better option for rails, tracks, and fixtures. It offers a sleek and industrial look along with added strength. Stainless steel is often the material of choice for industrial environments where tough hardware is needed.


Brass is too soft a metal to use for rails and tracks, but it is often used for fixtures and for the wheel systems that run along the tracks. Polished brass is incredibly beautiful when paired with structural glass.


When adding a touch of luxury to a given design, an architect may choose gold fixtures or accents. Obviously, the expensive gold means such designs are not that common. However, it is possible where customers are willing to pay for it.

Tempered Glass

The most important part of the frameless glass window is the tempered glass. Tempered glass is strong enough to withstand normal stress without the need for exterior framework.


There are a number of glazing options that can be applied to a frameless glass window. These glazing processes add extra strength and protection for a number of needs. For example, windows can be processed with fire resistant glazing in order to meet fire-rating standards. There are also glazing processes for soundproofing, thermal insulation, etc.

Curtain Glass

Also known as 'electric glass', curtain glass is a product that can be transformed from opaque to transparent with the introduction of electrical current. Curtain glass allows for privacy without the need for exterior blinds. Curtain glass is very popular for residential buildings.

Decorative Glass

Although etched or frosted glass is not the norm for frameless glass windows, such decorative elements are available to those who want them.

Your choice of window styles will depend on your needs and preferences. The good news is that there are plenty of options from which to choose. There are also quite a large number of manufacturers distributing products both nationally and internationally.

Manufacturers & Brands of Frameless Glass Windows


The air-lux brand is manufactured by a Swiss company known as Krapf AG. The brand is very popular for commercial applications because of Krapf's unique pneumatic sealing technology. When installed and filled correctly, the windows are completely sealed for incredible efficiency. Opening and closing the windows is subject to almost no frictional resistance.

Krapf AG has been in the construction products business for more than 30 years. To date, some 250 buildings in Switzerland alone have been built using their air-lux frameless glass window systems. From new office buildings to retail centres to private homes, air-lux is a brand architects and designers are very comfortable with.


Austria's pre-eminent name in frameless glass window systems is a company known as Josko. The Patin Blue system is their second frameless glass system, and already designers and architects love it. Its slim and sleek framing makes it the perfect choice for the modern home where plenty of light is desirable. The windows can be part of a frameless glass wall system or mounted in casements in a standard wall.

Josko's offices and manufacturing facilities are located in northern Austria, near the German border, where they employ 850 workers. Products are distributed through a series of sales partners in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The company has won multiple awards for its designs.


If you take a look at independent glaziers working around the UK, you will notice a lot of them are certified Sky-Frame installers. That is because Sky-Frame is one of the leading providers of frameless glass windows and complete frameless glass systems. The company was one of the pioneers of frameless glass in Europe. Sky-Frame is both a business unit and brand name of R&G Metallbau AG of Switzerland.

R&G Metallbau has been in the business of manufacturing structural glass elements since 1993. In addition to frameless glass windows, it also manufactures glass railings, sliding doors, walkways, balusters, staircases, and conservatories. The Sky-Frame brand and system was established in 2002 when the company first manufactured the largest glass panel system on the market.

Since then, Sky-Frame systems have been installed in more than 4,000 buildings worldwide. The company's 100 employees manufacture products that are distributed through 80 different partners in multiple countries.

IQ Glass - Innovare

IQ Glass offers frameless glass window systems under their Innovare brand. The systems are unique in many ways, most notably their versatility. The company is able to custom design windows in virtually any size and shape to meet nearly any need. A typical rectangle or glass window for an office building is no problem. But even trapezoid's are possible for home applications.

The Innovare system can include discrete trickle vents and solar control to prevent overheating during the summer. It can include a black band baked into the glass to hide internal wood framing from external view. IQ Glass even offers the popular electric glass option to easily switch between opaque and transparent at will.

What sets IQ Glass apart is the fact that it works directly with architects and designers to create bespoke pieces for every project. An Innovare system for your home or commercial building will be created uniquely for that application. IQ Glass is located in Buckinghamshire, working with clients throughout the UK and Europe.


Since 1951, Schüco has been manufacturing and designing windows, doors, façades, and solar products to builders around the world. It remains one of the largest manufacturers of structural glass products, including frameless glass windows. The German company offers frameless glass products for high-end commercial buildings as well as residential homes.

Homeowners can choose from a wide range of products including frameless glass windows, complete wall systems, and glass conservatories. Schüco class products can be integrated with solar thermal systems to provide heat transfer in your home. Whether you are looking for aesthetic appeal alone, or a beautiful window that is also functional, Schüco makes it possible.

For commercial applications, Schüco is easily a world leader. The company has worked on projects of all sizes and styles since entering the frameless glass market. All of their products are custom designed to meet unique customer needs. Schüco is active in 78 countries with more than 4,800 employees and 12,000 worldwide partners.

Keller AG

Keller AG is a Luxembourg-based company specialising in complete glass enclosures for the home. However, it offers a wide range of products for both home and commercial locations, including frameless glass windows and complete panel systems. Since 2009, the company has been a leader in what is known in the industry as 'minimal windows'. Keller introduced the minimal system to Europe and one of the world's largest trade fairs in 2009. The company won the award for innovation in architecture and building that year. As a result, minimal window designs are one of the hottest features for new construction today.

Keller's minimal windows are large, frameless panes of glass that can be installed as individual windows or wall panels. It offers a great way to bring the outdoors inside without ugly, bulky frames to obscure the view. The company’s systems can be fixed or sliding, depending on your preferences. These can also be incorporated into any one of the company's complete glass structure designs. Their products are distributed internationally through group of sales partners throughout Europe.


Originally established in Germany more than 20 years ago, Sunflex is an international company with operations in the UK, US, South Africa, and the Middle East. It partners with other companies in Europe and South America as well. Sunflex specialises in creating bespoke solutions that blur the lines of distinction between interior and exterior spaces. This philosophy is the basis of everything the company designs.

Sunflex is known within the industry for both its versatility and its use of the latest technologies for manufacturing all of its products. As such, the company and its products are a favourite among designers and builders in need of something unique. Where frameless glass windows are concerned, their products can be manufactured to even the most challenging specifications. You can purchase windows that are fixed, angled or shape, or manufactured as glass-to-glass solutions for corners.


HansenGroup is easily one of the oldest companies in Europe manufacturing and installing façades systems. It is a Danish company originally formed in 1909. Today HansenGroup is also one of northern Europe's leading providers of commercial frameless glass windows, curtain walls, fire rated glazing and structural glazing. The company has manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, and the UK.

HansenGroup's reputation for innovation and quality make it a leading manufacturer and distributor among architects, builders, and designers. Like Sky-Frame, independent glaziers around the country love working with the company’s products as well. One of the things that set it apart is the fact that it designs, manufactures, and tests every single one of its products in-house to ensure quality control. The only downside to this company is that it only focuses on commercial products; it offers nothing for domestic use.

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